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Faking It

A multidisciplinary social and environmental designer, 
with a passion for strategic thinking, problem-solving, service design and cheap puns...

My work aims to challenge the status quo by sharing counter-public perspectives and provoking debate, encouraging independent thought around stigmatized subjects.
Mob: 07891088063



Portfolio 2019

CV 2019

Alongside my ceramics line, Gashtrays, I am a freelance social designer with experience in research, photography, videography, illustration and graphic design.


I am currently looking for part-time and freelance work in areas such as installation and set design, graphic design and ceramics. Please get in touch if you would like to see my commercial portfolio.

Linkedin - Hani Lees Dresner

Gashtrays Instagram - @gashtrays_

By Hani Instagram - @ceramics_byhani

Personal Instagram  - @hanileesd



Established in 2014, Gashtrays is my personal ceramics business specializing in bespoke pottery. I make a wide range of decorative and functional ceramics, as well as running events, to raise money for relevant charities surrounding issues of gender equality, diversity, sexual health, and education.


Creative Conscience

Freelance multidisciplinary designer for Creative Conscience for 10 months. This role included videography and photography for events, social media coordinator, as well as conducting talks at universities. I was also lead researcher and writer for the creation of an educational tool-kit designed to combat mental health in university students.


Dresner Music 

Lead designer, art director, and social media coordinator for the launch of Dresner Music, an upcoming music label.


Esfera Photography

Freelance photographer for the summer collection of sustainable clothing company Esfera.



2-week internship, followed by several freelance graphic design and videography jobs throughout 2018 and 2019, with the brand design agency, L&Co,


Amalia Pica  

Freelance graphic design assistant for the fine artist, Amalia Pica.


TCS Digital Explorers 

Solo designer for the filming, video editing and photography of several TCS events across the country, to create an advert for their Digital Explorers events and launching their new brand.

Ruby Moon 

Logo design and art directing on a shoot for Brighton based sustainable swimwear company, Ruby Moon, to launch their new range YOUKINI, bikinis made from recycled wetsuits. 


Kana London

3 months placement at the ceramics studio, Kana London, involved in every stage of the ceramics production. I was also commissioned to create a Kana London Publication for Design Week.

Design Bridge

2 weeks internship in the Amsterdam branch of brand design agency Design Bridge.


Internship at Leeds based brand design agency.


• First Class Ba (Hons) in Graphic Design at Kingston University 

• Leeds College of Art
  Foundation Diploma in Art and Design


• Roundhay Highschool & 6th Form
  4 A-Levels, A*- B



• Mike Bond Award 2018


• Creative Conscience Gold Fashion Award 2018

• Finalists Kingston Bright Ideas 2018

• Foyles Window Display Competition

  Commendation 2018

 Creative Conscience Silver Photography 
  Award 2017

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