This project investigates why the Orgasm Gap occurs, asking people of all sexualities and genders about their experiences of fake orgasms and the social norms surrounding sex. 

Faking It


of straight men
orgasm during sex



of straight women
orgasm  during sex



of gay men
orgasm during sex



of gay women
orgasm during sex

These sculptures were created by participants holding onto clay during orgasm. Some were created by real orgasms, some fake.

Film by Hani Dresner & Liv Garofalo

The Faking It project culminated in a series of short films aiming to spark the conversation and encourage communication in sex.


By sharing a variety of different voices and stories these films illustrate that there is no right or wrong reason to fake it, allowing the viewer to make up their own mind on whether they agree with it or not.

The Orgasmic Survey

Faking It is an ongoing research project. If you'd like to get involved please feel free to get in touch by email to submit your answers to the anonymous survey.

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