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With & For

Service Design

With & For

Service Design

With & For

With & For is a mastectomy lingerie tailoring service, helping breast cancer survivors to celebrate their new bodies.

Despite being such a large demographic, breast cancer survivors are not properly catered to in retail, impacting their self image and body confidence.



With & For up-cycles breast cancer survivors old bras, to create bespoke mastectomy lingerie that fits their new bodies. This service provides a new purpose for these otherwise unused garments, whilst simultaneously meeting the specific style and practical requirements of each individual woman.

With & For - Wendy

“ Post-mastectomy I thought my days of looking feminine and attractive were over. Exploring new ideas with With & For made me realise I could still be feminine, attractive and unique.


This massively increased my confidence and made me feel so much more positive and enthusiastic towards my new body image. ” 


Double Mastectomy


Since Winning a Gold Creative Conscience Award and a Mike Bond Grant for this concept, I have continued to develop the project, working with a variety of women to prototype different post-mastectomy bras. If you'd like to get involved in With & For please feel free to get in touch by email.

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