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Croydon Conserves

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Over 1/3 of food produced never reaches our plates.


Market stall owners income fluctuates massively depending on the season. How can we help to regulate their income and reduce the amount of food waste? 

Croydon Conserves is a sustainable solution for the discarded produce of Surrey Street Market.


By rescuing discarded fruit and vegetables from the market, thrown away due to aesthetic imperfections or over-forecasted demand, Croydon Conserves creates a variety of chutney and jams in community cookery classes.


 Step 1

Left over produce is rescued from the market.

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 Step 2

The produce is transformed into delicious conserves at the

Good Food Matters community cookery classes.

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 Step 3

The conserves are returned to the stalls where the ingredients were sourced from, allowing the vendors to generate extra profit from their waste

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