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Rosa O’Mara is an illustrator and maker based in South London, where she also grew up. Currently trying to keep her head above final-year-water while she’s studying Illustration and Animation at Kingston School of Art, she is also undertaking a new skill in rug-making and crafting.

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Last October, she briefly left studying to live and work in Barcelona and, though it was interrupted by Covid, she gained a much clearer understanding of her place and intention within the creative field. That being said, she also gained a temporary (fingers crossed) phobia of putting pen to paper on returning to university and has instead been finding other ways to answer briefs and projects. Hiccups keeps it interesting! 

She would describe herself as having been politically and socially engaged since her teens, and though sometimes this isn’t overtly reflected in her work it is definitely a springboard for many ideas and endeavours. She also draws inspiration from the people around her, music, and a steadfast interest in novelty tack picked up from boot-sales and charity shops. 

For Gashtrays, Rosa has tufted these six one-of-a-kind mini rugs using existing characters in new colourful ways. They are intended to be displayed on walls amongst your other prints and pieces, and they were made with a lotta love!

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