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Nips + Bits

Your Nips + Bits can be personalised to suit your pube, colour and shape preferences.

You can also add any extra details like piercings, glitter, and patterns for a few pennies more. 

The production process take 4 weeks from placing the order to delivery, however we may have some pieces in stock depending on the season that we can send off sooner.

Click here to browse current stock!

Gash Stash

Matchbox stash box

Inc. rolling tray, pink long skins, matches and roach

Gash Stash sold separately - £15

Gash Stash as gift packaging - £12

Roach Card Books - £2

Roach Card.jpg
Sticks - £18
Dark Nipple Pin
Asses & Nips
Hoops - £25
Rolling Tray
Nipple Pin
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