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The Ceramics By Hani range is a collection of Gashtrays' non-gash related ceramic work. In an attempt to become more 'well rounded' in my craft (and less genital obsessed) I created the this range to explore sustainable practises within the ceramics world.

Not only is clay one of the most natural and abundant materials on earth, but when fired, it can last a lifetime. Ceramics By Hani is a ceramics line focussing on sustainable processes and materials, offering handmade homeware and accessories. My style juxtaposes organic textures with simple and rigid structures.


As part of Ceramic By Hani, I am constantly building my Offcut Range, which was conceived as a way for me to redirect my waste and give it a second life. This range offers a collection of homeware and fashion accessories made from the waste clay produced in the creation of my other products. This opportunistic style of making means each collection is seasonal and unique, always working within its means.

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