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Willy Tile - 'Brent'

Willy Tile - 'Brent'

Willy Tile - 'Brent'
Design: Lava Fleck clay with transparent gloss glaze and star detail.


5% of this sale will be donated to London Freind, LGBT Health and wellbeing organisation.

'Brent' is part of a limited edition line of hand sculpted, hand glazed ceramic tiles. 
Each tile is unique, with only one of each design available. 

Perfect for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf.
Approx 10cm x 10cm 


Lava Fleck stoneware clay with ceramic glaze.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash only.

  • Hanging Instructions

    This tile has a hook on the back so it can be hung from a nail - this hook is appropriate for displaying your tiles but would not be secure enough if you wish for the tile to be a functional piece. If you wish to hang things from your Willy Tile, we recommend attaching it to the wall by other means to ensure it is secure.

    These tiles are fragile, please display with care.
    We are not responsible for any damages that occur to our products once delivered.

  • Made To Order

    This item is currently available to pre-order.
    Once purchased from the website, it will take a maximum of 4 weeks for the products to be made and delivered to your door. I will be in touch throughout the process to update you on your order.



February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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