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Trash Talk Chokers

Trash Talk Chokers

Introducing the limited edition Amelia Kay X Gashtrays chain collection


The Trash Talk Chokers were fuelled by my haters, and their remarkable ability to turn a comical phrase. These words were taken from my instagram comment section, where haters have labelled me a ‘pervert’, ‘Onlyskanks trash, ‘mess’, ‘degenerate’…

Welp. If the shoe fits, wear it!


Juxtaposing the glossy porcelain of the pendants, is Amelia’s beautifully handwoven industrial chains. Made from 2mm stainless steal jump rings and fit with chunky stainless clasp for easy and secure fastening, these chains can be worn low, or close to the neck. 


  • 17” in length, with extra hook options so you can wear them as tight as you like.
  • The Trash Talk Pendants are approx 2cm height and 5cm width.
  • Pendants made from porcelain with gloss finish. Chains made from sterling silver.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.
  • Christmas Orders

    This is a limited edition, made to order piece.

    There will be just 10 pre-order slots available in time for christmas.

    Once these are full, orders will be opened up again for delivery in the new year.

4th December


UK - 15th December

International - 8th December.

These deadlines apply for in stock items. The deadline for Christmas custom orders has now passed, but you can still place a custom orders now for completion in January.

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