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Seaweed Cups

Seaweed Cups

Seaweed Cup



The hand sculpted Seaweed mugs from the By Hani range sit sweetly in the hand. Smaller than your average mug, these cuties are the perfect size for morning coffee.



7cm tall, 6.5cm diameter



Grey grogged clay with undreglaze detail and transparent gloss glaze.

  • Care Instructions

    Food safe glaze.

    Hand wash only.

  • Dirty Deals

    Buy 3 get 1 free!
    Use the code 'SaltyBish' at the checkout to claim your free Seaweed Cup.



UK - 15th December

International - 8th December.

These deadlines apply for in stock items. The deadline for Christmas custom orders has now passed, but you can still place a custom orders now for completion in January.

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