Pride Willy Vase

Pride Willy Vase

Pride Willy Vase

Choose which pride flag colours you'd like your Willy Vase decorated in!


For example...

'The pansexual pride flag has three horizontal stripes: pink, yellow, and blue. According to most definitions, the pink represents people who are female identified, the blue represents people who are male identified, while the yellow represents nonbinary attraction.'


These charming chaps are the perfect center piece for your dinning room table. Great for single stem displays or small bunches.


A portion of each Willy Vase sale will be donated to leading testicular cancer charity, Movember



Porcelain clay with underglaze and gloss glaze.



Approx 18cm tall. Opening approx 2cm diameter.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash only.

  • Made To Order

    The Pride Willy Vases were originally made as a limited editin design, however can be made to order <3

    The production process can take up to 4 weeks from placing your order. I will be in touch throughout the process to give you a more accurate ETA.

    The deadline for christmas custom orders in the UK is 1/12