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Commemorate your body and your self-image journey with a Portrait Tile!

Portraits Tiles make the perfect gift to yourself, or as a flirty gift for a lover and/or friend!

Enjoy the process of really getting to know yourself, whilst working with Hani to design your ideal piece.


Jan McKenley, a UK feminist who founded Hackney Black Women’s Consciousness Raising Group, recalled a self-exam on a women’s health retreat where she lay in the arms of another woman for support, while a different woman held a hand mirror. “I looked at my vagina and it was beautiful,” she remembered. “Feminism gave me my body back … and it was magic.”



Tile Base Measurements:

A standard 'Life Size' portrait comes on a 25cm X 25cm square tile base.

A standard 'Small' portrait comes on a 10cm X 10cm square tile base.

HOWEVER this size and shape can be customised too!

  • How It Works

    • Once you've placed your order I will be in touch via email to discuss your portrait and all the design options. You have as much agency over the customisation as possible, scroll through the photos for inspiration!
    • When providing reference photos, we can do whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. Either you can take a photo of the 'subject' yourself, or you can find me some references from the internet that are similar to how you'd like it to look.
      * Please do not send any photos before our consultation *
    • If you would like a 'Life Size' piece, you will need to provide measurements of the subject. 'Small' portrait proportions will be judged by eye from your reference photos but will be scaled down to fit a 10x10cm tile base.
    • Portrait take 4-6 weeks to complete and I will be in touch throughout the process to keep you updated.
  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash only.

    These tiles are fragile, please display with care.

    We are not reponsible for any damages that occur to our products once delivered.



February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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