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Petty Pendants

Petty Pendants

Introducing Gashtrays' Petty Pendants!


The Petty Pendants are a range of diverse genital portraits and slogan pendants.

Use as keyrings, attach to your own jewellery, OR buy them as part of the Gashtrays X Amelia Kay chain collection (which will be available for pre-order from 02/11).


Trash Talk Slogans

These slogans were taken from my instagram comment section, where haters have referred to me as a ‘pervert’, ‘trash whore’, ‘mess’, ‘degenerate’…

And how right they are!


In true Gashtrays style I aim to reclaim these words, simultaneously disempowering the haters and celebrating my wonderfully perverted self <3


  • Item details

    • Portraits are approx 2.5cm height and 1.5cm width.
    • Trash Talk Slogans are approx 2cm height and 5cm width.
    • Made from porcelain with gloss finish.
    • Sterling silver jumpring attachment (as pictured), or earring attachment.
    • Buy as a single or in a discounted set of 3. 
    • If buying a set of 3 and you wish to mix and match your pendants, please identify which designs and coresponding colours you would like in the comment box.

    To gage numbers and help avoid waste, this product is currently available for pre-order and is being restocked.

    New stock will be ready by the 4th December.



February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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