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The Kintsugi Collection

The Kintsugi Collection

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing your flaws and imperfections. “You won't realize your full potential until you go through the tough times,” Kumai says. With that said, Kintsugi takes work and awareness in order for it to truly be healing.


All Gashtrays' products are intended to celebrate the diversity of the human body. With such tiresome censorship and unrealistic beauty standards to try adhere to, self love can become a life long battle. The Kintsugi Sharing Platter is an ode to this struggle and the beauty that can be found in our 'imperfections'. Wherever you are on your journey of self acceptance, we applaud you for your courage <3


These pieces naturally broke along the production process, so each crack and repair is truly unique.


    The Kintsugi Sharing Platters were once broken, but are now fixed. They are suitable for use, however we do recommend handling them with extra care (just in case). If you choose to air on the side of caution, we recommend using it as a 'semi-decorative' piece rather than for day-to-day use, eg. as a fruit bowl or hung on the wall.

    The crack has been mended with a food safe resin. To preserve the shine of the golden finish for longer, avoid scrubbing with metal scourer. 

    Hand wash only.

  • *Canapé Cock*

    The Canapé Cock platter is not yet kintsugi-ed but will be upon order. It will look similar to the Canapé Cunt.

  • Pricing

    The Kintsugi Collection is more expesnive than the orgional products as a reflection of the hours of blood, sweat and tears poored into their restoration. We thank you for your support.


    Any items listened as 'PRE-ORDER' are currently out of stock, but will be made to order for you. 

    Once purchased from the website, it will take a 4 - 6 weeks for the products to be made. 



February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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