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Jack-o-lantern Pothead

Jack-o-lantern Pothead

Introducing the limited edition Jack-o-lantern Pothead!

(Just 3 made in total)


This Halloween, I've adapted my classic Pothead design to give you some spooOoOokY ambiance!

Pop a candle inside and watch the piece come to life! The eyes, nose and mouth holes, shiny white porcelain finish, and real gold detail, work great with the flickering light of a candle.


And for the rest of the year?

This stiking piece works great for displaying bold bouquets! 

    £150.00 Regular Price
    £127.50Sale Price


    UK - 15th December

    International - 8th December.

    These deadlines apply for in stock items. The deadline for Christmas custom orders has now passed, but you can still place a custom orders now for completion in January.

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