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Intersex Tile

Intersex Tile

Intersex Tile


The Intersex Tile is part of a limited edition line of hand sculpted, hand glazed ceramic tiles. Each tile is unique. This tile is complete with real gold lustre detail.


Whilst the majority of bodies develop to present with typical ‘male’ and ‘female’ physiology, intersex people are individuals born with physical s€x markers (genita|s, hormones, gonads, or chromosomes) that are neither clearly male nor female. The existence of intersex people shows that there are not just two sexes, and the lines between sexes can be blurry ❤️

Intersex is an umbrella term used to describe this wide range of natural bodily variations that do not fit the binary. There are a myriad of beautiful ways in which intersex bodies can present. 

Here you see my sculpture of genitals which are referred to as ‘46, XY INTERSEX’. This means the person has the chromosomes of a man, but the external genitals are incompletely formed, ambiguous, or clearly female. And there a tons of variations of this! 

Estimates suggest that about 1-2 in 100 people born in the U.S. are intersex / 1.7% of the worlds population show intersex traits! This is similar to the number of people born with red hair!




Approx 25xm X 25cm

  • Display

    Perfect for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf.

    If you would like a wall hanging hook to be stuck to the back, please specify in the comments section of your order.

£100.00 Regular Price
£85.00Sale Price


February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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