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Gashtray - Bubblegum

Gashtray - Bubblegum


Size: Small 

Design: White clay, pink glaze




Much like real vulvas, each individual piece is unique and might vary slightly from photo. 


Gashtrays can be used for anything, to hold your keys, jewelry, ashtray, tampons, condoms, fucking Monster Munch, whatever you want! These crude objects are a symbol of body and sex positivity, celebrating the diversity of our glorious body parts.


Gashtrays is a rebellion against censorship. The stigmas society has towards our natural body parts leads to poor sexual, physical and mental health. By placing these objects in everyday scenarios it sparks the conversation to help us overcome these damaging social norms.


11cm tall, 8cm wide



Porcelain clay with ceramic glaze.

This specific design is made using hardwearing ceramic glazes rather than the usual acrylics. This makes it much stronger and fully water resistant. 

  • Care Instructions

    Please be gentle with your Gashtray. 
    The ceramic glazes for this piece are hardwearing and water resistant but please treat delicately to avoid chipping.
    Hand wash only.

  • Pricing

    For those on a tight budget but would still like to support Gashtrays, there are a few 'Sample Sale' options available which are discounted due to small defects.

    They have a small superficial defects that do not impact the function of the product at all.



February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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