CUSTOM Gashtrays

CUSTOM Gashtrays

Custom Gashtrays can be personalised to meet your exact skin tone, labia style and pube preferences <3

Curly pubes, straight pubes, long pubes, short pubes, asymmetrical labia, flappy labia, pearl clit, heart name it!


You can also request extra detail, wording, a colour scheme or themed design. Let your imagination run wild!



Approx 11cm tall, 8cm wide



Porcelain clay, acrylic paint and varnish. 

  • Made To Order

    Custom gash are made to order.
    Once purchased from the website, it will take a maximum of 4 weeks for the products to be made and delivered to your door. I will be in touch throughout the process to update you on your order.

    The deadline for christmas custom orders in the UK is November 27th. International shipping estimates are currently unreliable so sadly I cannot guarentee their arrival in time for christmas.

  • Pricing

    A small custom Gashtray costs from £42 to £48 depending on the amount of detail added.

  • Care Instructions

    Please be gentle with your Gashtray.

    The varnish used will protect the paint but may age over time if abused.

    Hand wash only. Gently clean with wet cloth. Do not submerge in water.