'Check Yourself' Hand Mirror

'Check Yourself' Hand Mirror

'Check Yourself' Hand Mirror


Introducing the new 'Check Yourself' Hand Mirrors! 

Ceramic hand mirrors with a subtle gash-like motif on the back - perfect for your 'self-examinations'.


As with checking breast tissue for lumps, it’s important to regularly perform self-examinations on your genitals, whatever they may be. Self-exams have a really important purpose, 1) they create a point of reference for you in case you start to notice any signs of change that could be linked to a health issue, and 2) it helps to strengthen your relationship between yourself and your body. 


Unless you are well aquatinted with your genitals, it can be pretty difficult and nerve wracking if something starts to feel out of the ordinary. Self examinations can be one of the best ways to calm those nerves and become more confident in our bodies. So pop a squat, honey! Light some candles, pop open that Lambrini, and CHECK YO SELF!


Materials: Speckled clay with white gloss glaze. Comes in a small protective drawstring bag.


Measurements: Approx 8.5cm diameter