Bush Planter - 'Greta' Matt

Bush Planter - 'Greta' Matt

Bush Planters

Size: Large

Design: White porcelain, gloss glaze, open neck.


Let your bush bloom with the large Bush Planters!

The new larger size is perfect for displaying house plants or as a flower vase. Make sure to regularly groom your bush and show it all the love it deserves 🌷


'Greta' has an open neck design, perfect for easy planting or displaying cut flowers.


8% of Bush Planter sales are donated to help the Australian bushfire crisis.



This new white porcelain clay is strong and robust but also lightweight, perfect for hanging on any wall.



12cm wide, 18cm tall, 7.5cm deep.

  • Installation Instructions

    Simply hang by a nail through the eyelet in the back.

  • Return Policy

    We are not responsible for any damages that occur to our products once delivered.

  • Made To Order

    This planter is currently out of stock but can be made to order.
    Once purchased from the website, it will take a maximum of 4 weeks for the products to be made and delivered to your door. I will be in touch throughout the process to update you on your order.

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