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Anatomy Willy Vase

Anatomy Willy Vase

The Anatomy Willy Vase shows the inner workings of the erect penis.

The doral artery and bulbourethral artery are both highlighted in gold to celebrate their roles in the making of erections.


Blood travels to the penis via the dorsal artery. This influx of blood causes the surrounding tissue (the corpus cavernosum) to swell. This swelling in turn compresses the deep dorsal veins, which restricts blood from leaving the penis, therefore maintaining the erection.


Along with other parts of the penile artery, the bulbourethral artery is vital for the maintenance of normal erections. The bulbourethral artery supplies blood to the Cowper's gland, which produces mucus that is believed to neutralize any acidic urine that would be hardful to sperm.




Porcelain clay with underglaze, gloss glaze and real gold lustre.



Approx 18cm tall. Opening approx 2cm diameter.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash only.

Expected to be shipped by end of February


February orders will be posted on the 7th so to arrive in time for Valentines.

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