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I’m Salome the founder of AMAKHI. I wear many hats: lawyer, artist and creative entrepreneur. As a lawyer, I often felt disempowered and disengaged from my creativity. I started AMAKHI initially as a blog space to express my creativity because my 9-5 job didn’t offer me much of that. I realised that having a blog wasn’t enough. I wanted to make things – real products.

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In a small studio in London, with only one desk and next to no free time, I started making candles. At AMAKHI I combine artistic design with high quality products that are handmade in very small batches. Each product represents what I love and what I am curious about. I am passionately curious about the link between creative exploration and leadership, and how we can all build more diverse and fulfilling careers by developing our creative confidence. This is what I hope to showcase with the things I make.

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