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Gashtrays is a ceramics line celebrating the glorious curves, folds and flaps of real bodacious bodies. Gashtrays promotes body positivity and embracing what your mama gave you!

These crude pieces challenge the censorship and shaming of the natural body that occurs in society today. By placing this 'obscene' object in every-day life context it's a step towards breaking stigmas around sex and body image.

Treating these subjects as taboo leads to much more than just uncomfortable conversations but results in poor education on the topics, risking women's and men's physical and mental health.
So it's time to lighten up!

As seen in...

Naked Soho

Bespoke crockery set and wall art, 2022


Stocked, London, 2022

Time Out London

Feature article, 2022

The Times

Feature article, 2022

Evening Standard

Feature article, 2022

Westminster Extra

Interview, 2022

Pop Sugar

Feature article, 2022

OKT Boudoir Boutique

Stocked, Canada, 2021

Knude Society

Stocked, London, 2021

My Dear Vagina

Book, artwork + feature, 2021


The Pop Up Girls Shop

Hackney Brick Lane, Shoreditch, Dalston, 2019-2022

Mindful Ceramics Workshop

Product launch workshop for Noah, 2021

Bare Dating

Interview, 2021

Sex-Ed + Ceramics Workshop

w/h BBXX, 2021

Clitmas Sculpting Workshop

w/h Killing Kittens, 2020

Babe Sculpting Workshop

w/h Pinky Promise & Rubyyy Jones, 2020

Self Portrait Sculpting Workshop

w/h Pinky Promise, 2020

Pinky Promise Launch Party

Event, 2020

North London Makers' Market

Event, 2020

Gypsy Disco

Event, 2019

Feminist Christmas Market

Event by 100 Women I Know, 2019

Sex Positive Christmas Market

Event by Sex +, 2019

Shado Magazine

Article, 2019


Love Thy Labia Workshop
w/h Venus Libido & Project Period

Ovar It Exhibition

Protein Studios, 2019

Unwrap Yourself Event

by FGRLS, 2018


BAME Freedom Festival,
Africa Centre, 2018

Project Period Pop-Up 

by Purpose, 2018


‘Girls Wank Too’ Event

by Pink Protest, 2018

Artefact Magazine

Interview, 2018

Kingston Graphics Weekend,


Vagina Monologues

Market Stall, 2018


The River Newspaper,

Interview, 2017


Kingston Design Market

2015, 2016, 2017


Baggy Trousers Magazine,

Interview, 2017


Pink Things Magazine,

Interview, 2017


Hani Lees Dresner (she/her) is the founder and creator of Gashtrays. Originally from Leeds and currently based in North East London, Hani studied Graphic Design at Kingston University, where she learned...fuck all about ceramics! 

After creating the first Gashtray for a friend as a joke in 2014, Hani posted the abomination on Instagram and was surprised to receive requests for more. 


Eight years on and unpredictably Gashtrays has snowballed into a business, satisfying Hani's love of craft and cheap dirty puns. 

Hani wrestles with the concept of 'celebration vs exploitation' of the naked body in her work. She aims to stamp out beauty standards and believes that sex and body positivity are crucial steps towards battling sexual and mental health. 


When it comes to design activism, Hani believes that provocation can often be damaging to a cause, as can cause its audience to shut down and become defensive. Hani sees her work as a 'subtle protest', that aims to provoke conversation in a way that is soft-spoken and approachable. 


As well as this, Gashtrays has been involved in a number of events helping to raise money and awareness for Period Poverty around the world.

Hani is also a freelance social designer, working with charities such as Amnesty International and Creative Conscience. She is always open for collaboration so please get in touch! View her social design portfolio at the button below.

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 13.25.31.png

Testimonials from our workshops...

'It has been an amazing experience for my wife to spend an hour or so looking at her pussy with me for doing our portraits. She never had a good relationship with her own genitals, specially because of how it looks, and it doesn't matter how much I tell her, she never changed her mind. And yesterday during your workshop she started to make positive comments about the looks of her pussy, and after we finish with the pottery she look at me and told me that now she thinks that is kind of pretty and cute!!


And this is really big for her, specially because she has a bad relationship with her body in general and specially with her pussy!! So thank you very much again, what u do is not only art and a social movement, is also really therapeutic!!'

—  Anonymous 

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