Grinding Gift Set

Grinding Gift Set

The Gashtrays X Angrygrind Grinding Gift Set 


Hey you sexy stoners. 

I see you. 

I FEEL you. 

I… smell you? 💨 


The Grinding Gift Set has all the paraphernalia for spending your Sunday Bun-day in style <3

Designed in collaboration with, and immaculately hand crafted by the incredible @angrygrind, these 4 part magnetic herb grinders come in a variety of colours and finishes.

We also have a limited number of stash tins perfect for all your bits and bobs!


Included in the set:

〰 X1 Grinder in your colour of choice

〰 X1 Gashtray in either bubblegum or terracotta 

〰 X2 pack of Blazy Susan pink long skins

〰 X1 pack of Blazy Susan perforated roach tips

〰 A selection of hella cute Angrygrind stickers

+ PLUS add Grind Tin to your gift for just £13 extra


All of these items are available to purchase separately, but enjoy a £10 discount plus freebees when bought as a set 💕

  • Add a tin

    Please note that there is limited stock of the tins, so if you choose to add one to your gift set you will be allocated whatever colour we have left in stock.