Shado Mag article by Gashtrays

Shado Mag is an amazing publication educating its audience by sharing counter-public perspectives. A few weeks ago they asked me to write an article for them for their online edition.

I'll leave a teaser below but you can read the whole article at here.


'Taboos teach us the do’s and don’ts of social conduct. Often based in outdated social and religious customs, they come in all shapes and sizes, telling us what to do, like, hate, say, wear, eat and fuck.

Taboos protect the infrastructure of our patriarchal society, by silencing the debate around issues deemed as ‘sensitive’ or ‘TMI’ and ignoring the needs of those most often affected. Our delicious high carb diet of misrepresentative mainstream media, unrealistic porn, and superficial diet culture further reinforces these taboos, wreaking havoc on our blood pressure and self-image. This relentless conditioning has taught us one simple message: that we should be ashamed of our flaws and our desires. Furthermore, sexual education in schools glazes over so many vital aspects of natural sex and the body, such as foreplay, pleasure and experimentation. This education, alongside the unrealistic standards set by pornography, leaves us with a plethora of damaging myths and misconceptions to carry into adulthood. It’s created a culture where ‘no’ translates to ‘maybe’, and there’s a whole choreographed song and dance to avoid saying the word ‘tampon’ out loud.

These stigmas have a real tangible impact on our personal lives, but also on a much wider scale in society. They manifest in violent unscientific rituals designed to oppress and control, such as FGM, male circumcision, Chhaupadi; as well as phenomena such as ‘Corrective Rape’ in Uganda, the passing of the ‘Gay Propaganda Law’ in Russia, the recent Abortion Ban in Alabama, and worldwide period poverty.

Despite our supposed ‘progress’, taboos still hold an astonishing amount of power over us at all socio-economic levels, in and out of the bedroom.'

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