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Bottom Heavy Babe Commissions

Preexisting designs are £80 to recreate.
The starting price for completely bespoke commissions is £120 (this may vary depending on the final design chosen).

If you would like to 
commission your own bespoke Bottom Heavy Babe, send me an idea or theme you'd like to work around, outlining any details or specificities. I'll sketch up some ideas until you're satisfied!


Production takes approx 4 weeks from placing your order to delivery.


Commissioned by Pink Protest
for the #GirlsWalkToo campaign.


Bottom Heavy Babes Mobile

One of a kind piece.
Hand whittled wood beam with ceramic terracotta babe pendants.
Available in different colours upon request.​

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Rod commission
Babes mobile
Terrecotta pendant - wendy and chill
portrait desk with pendants
Tribe Babe
Terracotta pendant - tribe
Terracotta Pendant - 8
desk with pendants
W pendant
desk with pendants zoom
Meeseeks tray
Bubblegum Babe
Botanical Babe
Tyskie Babe
Tribe Babe
Babes Mobile by window
Tribe Babe
Tribe Babe
Bubblegum Babe
Bubblegum Babe Hill

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Bubblegum Babe Hill